In the past I worked exclusively through several
high-end retailers. Liberated from the constraints of a single resource
I now offer a world full of design possibilities.

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Each project begins with you.

We start with your dreams and desires.
This insures your home will be a beautiful, functional, reflection of you and

your family.

My professional experience in fashion design and merchandising continues to influence my work.

I often incorporate dressmaker details into my fabric treatments. Whether your looking for modern or traditional, tailored or plush, I have the know-how and products for your needs.

I bring your style and sensibilities together with my select merchandise for a cohesive, aspirational, design expression exclusive to you.

I believe home design should be an enjoyable experience

I like to keep the design process light-hearted and fun but I am very serious about interpreting your needs and producing the best results.

I am sometimes asked “What is your design style?”

Modern? Traditional? Contemporary?

Style can’t be summed up in a single word. It’s a coherent pattern of choices.

My style is definitely more expressive than most.

I prefer unexpected combinations, bold accents, and global influences.
I like to infuse spaces with color and pattern.

Individual style develops over time, a commodity in short supply for many. That’s where I step in. However I don’t create interiors which reflect my personal style. I look to make spaces which express my clients’ sensibilities.

My design recommendations will always be filtered through my personal lens but my goal is to advance their style, not reproduce my own. I look to introduce clients to possibilities which are fresh and unexpected yet within the boundaries of their personal tastes.

I Introduce luxury into every design, be it formal or casual.

A feeling of balance and individual expression which is both functional and comfortable.
That’s my idea of true luxury.
Home should be soothing to one’s spirit and welcoming to guests.
It should reflect an image, a message put forth by the client.
A feeling of familiarity is important too. To me the most comfortable rooms feel as though they’ve evolved over time. Even the most contemporary of designs can benefit from touches of the familiar, displays of personal collections, artwork, souvenirs from the past, or from vacations. At minimum the introduction of organic forms and materials to prevent a feeling of sterility that comes with that “showroom look”.
A design which relies solely upon the latest trends will soon feel outdated. Its original appeal quickly fades.

However a room with panache and soul will keep its appeal to client and company.

Quality is foremost.

No design is truly luxurious without the visual and tactile pleasures evoked by great craftsmanship.

Functionality too is a must. Spaces will go underutilized without it. Function is an essential component of true comfort and luxury.

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I am available for jobs large and small

  • Custom window treatments
  • Blinds, Shades, Shutters
  • Custom Bedding, Pillows, Cushions, Slipcovers
  • Spatial Planning
  • Wall Colors
  • Surface Selection
  • Kitchen and Bath.
  • Rugs, Accessories, Art, Lighting
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