Start Your Project Now

Drop me a line to tell me about your upcoming project. Please tell me where it is, what needs to be done, when you can start, and when it needs to be completed. I’ll be sure to contact you within several days to have a conversation regarding the scope of your project.

If we find we’re a good match we can move forward with an agreement.

A couple meetings and several communications may be necessary to fully understand your needs and tastes. Once I have gathered all pertinent information a design package is created exclusively for you. This package can be a mix of hard samples and visual aids which express my design choices for each space. Floor plans, design boards, fabric samples, product images, artist renderings, technical specs are all or some of the items which may be included in your package. 3-D renderings are also a possibility for those projects which require them.

After some fine tuning all orders are reviewed and placed.

I know my clients are most comfortable when they have a complete understanding of their orders. I maintain communication throughout the process and keep them informed of all progress up to installation and accessorizing.